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What is (HGH) Human Growth Hormone?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a protein produced by the pituitary, an organ in the central nervous system, which is required for body growth and, maintenance of good health. With age, the pituitary becomes desensitized to secrete growth hormone, but does not lose its ability to synthesize it. All growth hormone replacement approaches seek to re-sensitize the pituitary to secrete this vital hormone

Does Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System contain any HGH, steroid or any other illegal substances?

No, it does not contain HGH, steroids or any other types of illegal substances, all of our products are approved for sales to the general public. Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System is produced with safe minerals and amino acids approved and certified by Health Canada(link). Our bottles are labeled with a natural product registration number: Natural Product Number (NPN) following Health Canada Regulations.

How does Growth - FlexV® Pro Height System work?

GrowthFlexV® Pro Height System is an easy to follow safe and complete height system developed in Canada by Dr.Etienne Tran to improve posture and bone development. The system is mainly designed to correct posture and provide your bones with vital nutrition in order to achieve health and improved height without dangerous drugs or expensive surgeries. Growth-FlexV® Pro System is a safe and non-surgical height system available on the  market today.

Is there a quick and easy way to grow taller?

No, there is no such way or method which can make someone taller within a short period of time because bones and posture correction requires a good amount of time in order to achieve any visible results.

What age range should take Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System?

Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System is effective between the age range (16 to 45 years old).

What is different between Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System and other products?

There are many natural remedies, vitamins, and exercises that may help you improve your
height. The problem in this industry is the multitude of invalid products and frauds, usually
from a similar source. These fallacy artists exist here, as elsewhere, causing the rest
impairment. Our mission is to help our clients be well-informed regarding false online claims
and misleading products.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes: We are so confident of the difference our Growth-FlexV® Advanced Height System will make in your life that we offer an exclusive (1) Year Money-Back Guarantee worldwide! If for any reasons your are not fully satisfied with your order please simply send back your opened or unopened package for a full refund minus shipping and handling fees. For more information please read our terms & conditions.

What Are The Shipping Methods?

We Provide Fast Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System Shipping Worldwide!
In some cases you can get your order in less than a week, and it's possible you could have your order in as little as a few days. We provide guaranteed fast shipping to worldwide countries by DHL Express, Canada Post and USPS shipping.

What are Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System payment options?

1 – Secured Online Credit Card Purchase - Click here..
2 – Fast Western Union Money Transfer
3 – MoneyGram – Fast Money Transfer
3 – Mailing Money Order


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